Serving our glorious Lone Star State on the Supreme Court of Texas these past six years has been an indescribable honor.
Growing up in a rural town of 32 people and raised by a heroic widowed mom who never finished high school, I never imagined one day serving on the highest civil court in Texas.
Every time I walk onto the bench in Austin, I say a prayer – every single time – for wisdom, for discernment, and of bottomless gratitude for the unfathomable blessing of serving 25 million Texans on the Supreme Court.
The law is a majestic thing – something that impacts the life of every single Texan – and the title “Justice” imposes a sacred duty: to apply our laws with wisdom and evenhandedness, and to never legislate from the bench.
I promise to keep fulfilling my oath with gladness and gusto, mindful that an impartial legal system is indispensable to a strong Texas.
I cannot overstate my gratitude for your stalwart support . . . and for the profound honor of serving you and our great Lone Star State.

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