It’s something I’ve done all my life, making my first portrait as a kid with a Polaroid camera. It was a picture of former President Richard Nixon’s brother, Edward. He was canvasing door to door in my neighborhood and someone told me he was famous. I cut through the crowd, walked up to him, and took his picture. It’s proven to be a winning methodology, although I’m taller now so the images are more flattering.

Put myself through school by working in a research hospital, studying Marine Pathology and photographing surgeries and other medical situations. This led to working for clients like Johns Hopkins regularly, and it soon became clear that I was better suited for photography than the intensely political environment of medical research.  The marine research led to an interest in diving and I got my Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Early on I began working for magazines like Child/Parents, Parade and Metropolitan Home. With nationally published work in my book, I moved to New York City and worked there nearly a decade. Branching out into video, live TV and stage productions provided credits on a number of Broadway plays and TV productions.  

Returned to Baltimore with a ton of stories, having worked with a real cast of talented characters, on a bunch of amazing projects, and with a treasured portrait of myself made by Joyce Tenneson, shot on the wonderfully massive 20 x 24″ Polaroid camera.

So you see, this story does have an arc.

Always looking to work with new people and interesting projects.  If it sounds like I can help you with a project, then let me know and we can schedule some time to talk about it.