"As Attorney General and a former Texas Supreme Court Justice, I strongly support Justice Don Willett’s reelection to the Texas Supreme Court. A brilliant legal mind and outstanding judge, Justice Willett has an impeccable conservative record. With so much at stake this election, the High Court needs reliably conservative, strict constructionist judges like Don Willett who will carefully interpret the law—and never legislate from the bench."

-Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General

"Justice Don Willett is the most conservative justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Tea Party patriots, prolife and pro-family conservatives, limited-government advocates, constitutionalists and any who value American liberty should support Justice Don Willett, a rock-solid judicial conservative who has never legislated from the bench. Justice Willett is one of only a few judicial candidates I have endorsed, and I do so wholeheartedly. He must be re-elected in 2012. Please join me in standing with Justice Don Willett."

-James C. Dobson, Ph.D.

"Our liberties depend on resolute conservatives like Justice Don Willett. Justice Willett understands our founding freedoms, and his sterling record proves his commitment to judicial restraint and the rule of law. Justice Willett is an excellent Justice, and I endorse him wholeheartedly."

-Kelly Shackelford, President & CEO, Liberty Institute

"Justice Don Willett has forged a sterling conservative record, honoring the rule of law and never legislating from the bench. Justice Willett is regarded as the most conservative member of our Supreme Court, and his judicial philosophy has been hailed nationally as the judicial antidote to ObamaCare. Don Willett is a proven and resolute strict-constructionist who has worked diligently to advance individual liberty, promote personal responsibility, and protect property rights. All Texans who prize liberty and a conservative judiciary should fight to keep Justice Don Willett on the Texas Supreme Court!"

-Michael Quinn Sullivan, President & CEO, Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

"Our brilliant constitutional system demands brilliant constitutionalist judges. Justice Don Willett is exactly the type of principled jurist our wise Founding Fathers envisioned. Justice Willett understands perfectly his constitutional role—to safeguard our precious liberties, not to act as a super-legislature deciding policy issues. Keeping Justice Don Willett on the Texas Supreme Court is indispensable to winning the fight for freedom."

-David Barton, Founder & President, WallBuilders

"Justice Willett’s legal knowledge and judicial experience are tremendous assets to the Texas Supreme Court. He is an astute legal thinker and a conservative jurist who carefully construes the law as it is written. TLR PAC is proud to endorse the re-election of Justice Willett."

-Richard W. Weekley, Founder & CEO, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

"Justice Willett is universally recognized as the most conservative member of the Texas Supreme Court. We praise his strong judicial leadership in these consequential times. Texas needs Justice Willett’s brilliance and strict-constructionist philosophy on the Court for decades to come. There can be no justification for any self-respecting conservative to challenge Justice Willett for reelection to the Supreme Court."

-Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

"YCT has chosen to issue an early endorsement to Justice Willett because of his impeccable conservative record. Without question, Justice Willett’s reelection is best for Texas, and conservatives across the Lone Star State should support him wholeheartedly. It’s unthinkable that anyone would try to rob Texas of its most conservative Supreme Court Justice."

-Jeff Morris, State Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

"Since 2005, Justice Willett has built a record of impressive scholarship and no-favorites decision-making. He writes with welcome clarity and also shows refreshing independence, often departing from his colleagues to write separately. Plus, he always writes swiftly, never falling behind on his docket. . . . We are a nonpartisan group who asks everyone who favors a strong, high-caliber appellate judiciary to support Justice Willett."

-Bipartisan group of former chairs of the State Bar appellate section
“It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Justice Don Willett for his reelection to the Texas Supreme Court.  His conservative philosophy and strict adherence to the U.S. and Texas Constitutions make him the right choice for the people of Texas.”
-Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller

Religious & Public Policy Leaders

Kerbey Anderson Host, Point of View; President, Probe Ministries
David Barton President, WallBuilders
Edward Blum Director, Project on Fair Representation
Dr. James Dobson Founder, Focus on the Family; Founder, Family Talk; Founder, Family Research Council
Foster Friess Philanthropist and supporter of conservative causes
Rick Green WallBuilders; Patriot Academy
Ann Hettinger Texas Director, Concerned Women for America
Jay Sekulow Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice
Alice Patterson Founder and President, Justice at the Gate
Justice Paul Pressler III  
Kelly Shackelford President, Liberty Legal Institute
Dave Welch Founder & Executive Director, U.S. Pastor Council and Houston Area Pastor Council
Cathie Adams President, Texas Eagle Forum
Katy Christian Magazine  
Terry Lowry Editor, The LINK Letter; Host of the What’s Up Radio Program
Jon-David Wells Host, The Wells Report

Pro-Life Leaders

Texas Alliance for Life PAC  
Texas Right to Life PAC  
Dina Moore Public Policy Director, Texas Alliance for Life
Dr. Joe Pojman Executive Director, Texas Alliance for Life
Davida Stike President, Texas Alliance for Life
Kyleen Wright President, Texans for Life Coalition

Free-Market & Limited-Government Advocates

The "C" Club of Houston  
Empower Texans  
Michael Quinn Sullivan President & CEO, Empower Texans & Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Peggy Venable Texas State Director, Americans for Prosperity

Homeschool Champions

Texas Home School Coalition PAC  
Tim Lambert President, Texas Home School Coalition
Rick Green Founder, Patriot Academy

Advocates for Judicial Excellence

Harris County Courtroom Observers  
Mexican American Bar Association of Houston  
Texas Bipartisan Justice Committee  

Law Enforcement Leaders

Texas Municipal Police Association  

Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives of Texas  
John Cox President, Brazos County Young Republicans
Tony McDonald Senior Vice Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas
Jeff Morris State Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

Small-Government Libertarians

Ron Paul Member, U.S. House of Representatives
Chip Mellor President, Institute for Justice
Roger Pilon Cato Institute - Director, Center for Constitutional Studies & Vice President for Legal Affairs

All Former Republican Justices of the Texas Supreme Court (those able to endorse)

Greg Abbott  
Scott Brister  
Eugene Cook  
John Cornyn  
Craig Enoch  
Alberto Gonzales  
Deborah Hankinson  
Tom Phillips  

All Former Solicitors General of Texas (chief appellate lawyers for the State)

Julie Parsley  
Ted Cruz  
James Ho  

Gun-Rights Advocates

Larry Pratt Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

Leaders of Republican Party of Texas Auxiliary Organizations

Linda Rogers President, Texas Repub. County Chairmen's Association
Reggie Gonzales Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Bill Calhoun Chairman, Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
Dr. Juan Hernandez             Hispanic Republicans of Texas
United Republicans of Harris County  

Tea Party Patriots

Tammy Blair Tyler Tea Party
Bill Carson Navarro County Tea Party
Danny Combs Navarro County Conservatives
Rita Davis Co-chair, Madison County Tea Party Patriots
Sam Driggs United With Purpose
Robert Gonzalez Clear Lake Tea Party
Bob Hall Canton Tea Party Patriots
Sharon Hall San Antonio Tea Party
Bob Hilliard CD 6 Tea Party Coalition
Marie Howard President, Boiling Point TEA Party
James & Melissa Ives Fort Bend Tea Party
Norma Jeter Texas Tea Party Republican Women
Danita and Clayton Jones Patriots of Gillespie County
Greg Jones Waco Tea Party (vice president and board member)
Carol & Buddy Koenig Patriots of Austin County & District Patriots
Michael Kinzie TeaParty911.com & Lake Fork Tea Party Patriots
Thomas "Larry" Korkmas  
Julie McCarty NE Tarrant Tea Party (president)
Ernest McNeil Denton  
Lorie Medina Dallas Tea Party; author, Community Organizing for Conservatives; co-organizer of www.ElectionDayTeaParty.com
Diana Moses Lone Star LiberTEA Fest Event Organizer, Freedom Keeper Texas, Texas Republican Freedom Coalition
Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party Patriots
Ashton Oravetz Grassroots America - We the People
Rene Poe Hood County Tea Party
Glen Prince Central Texas Tea Party
Sharon Roberts Fort Bend Tea Party
Timna Rutledge Wills Point Tea Party
David Schumacher Wilco Tea Party
Michael Simon Waco Tea Party (co-founder and vice president)
Boyd White Chairman, Palestine Texas Tea Party
Craig Young Texas Liberty Campaign
Llano Tea Party  
Lee Ellis President, Llano Tea Party
Cindy Schwartz Co-founder, We the People of Longview, TX
Tea Party 911  
Amy Eldred Kerr County 9/12 Patriots
Don Vogelsang Spicewood Tea Party
Kaufman County Tea Party  
N.E. Tarrant Tea Party Steering Committee  

Statewide Elected Officials

Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General
Todd Staples Texas Agriculture Commissioner
Michael Williams Texas Railroad Commissioner (former)
Barry Smitherman Texas Railroad Commissioner
Elizabeth Ames Jones Texas Railroad Commissioner
Susan Combs Texas Comptroller
Kay Bailey Hutchison United States Senator

Texas State Legislators

Sen. Glenn Hegar  
Sen. Dan Patrick  
Sen. Florence Shapiro  
Sen. Kel Seliger  
Sen. Kevin Eltife  
Sen. Troy Fraser  
Sen. Mike Jackson  
Sen. Robert Nichols  
Sen. Tommy Williams  
Rep. Rodney Anderson  
Rep. Dwayne Bohac  
Rep. Dennis Bonnen  
Rep. Wayne Christian  
Rep. Sarah Davis  
Rep. Gary Elkins  
Rep. Dan Flynn  
Rep. Patricia Harless  
Rep. Will Hartnett  
Rep. Charlie Howard  
Rep. Bryan Hughes  
Rep. Phil King  
Rep. Lois Kolkhorst  
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg  
Rep. Ken Legler  
Rep. John Otto  
Rep. Ken Paxton  
Rep. David Simpson  
Rep. Larry Taylor  
Rep. Randy Weber  
Rep. Beverly Woolley  
Rep. Bill Zedler  
Rep. John Zerwas  
Sen. Bob Deuell  
Sen. Robert Duncan  
Sen. Kevin Eltife  
Sen. Craig Estes  
Rep. Jose Aliceda  
Rep. Jimmie Aycock  
Rep. Marva Beck  
Rep. Leo Berman  
Rep. Dan Branch  
Rep. Drew Darby  
Rep. Charlie Geren  
Rep. Larry Gonzales  
Rep. Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton  
Rep. Rick Hardcastle  
Rep. Linda Harper-Brown  
Rep. Dan Huberty  
Rep. Todd Hunter  
Rep. Jim Jackson  
Rep. Jim Keffer  
Rep. Jim Landtroop  
Rep. Tryon Lewis  
Rep. Doug Miller  
Rep. Rob Orr  
Rep. Tan Parker  
Rep. Aaron Pena  
Rep. Charles Schwertner  
Rep. Todd Smith  
Rep. John Smithee  
Rep. Vicki Truitt  
Rep. Tom Craddick  

Local Elected Officials

Jim Bush Mayor of Waco
Jack Cagle Harris County Commissioner (Precinct 4)
Mark Russo Mayor Pro Tem, Rockwall
Jacquie Chaumette Mayor Pro Tem, Sugar Land
Betsy Price Mayor of Fort Worth
Darren Rozell Mayor of Forney
Keith Self Collin County Judge
Bill Vansyckle Mayor of Ovilla
Wes Perry Mayor of Midland
Mark Burroughs Mayor of Denton
Ed Emmett Harris County Judge

Members of Congress

Sen. John Cornyn United States Senator
Rep. Joe Barton CD 6
Rep. John Culberson CD 7
Rep. Bill Flores CD 17
Rep. Kay Granger CD 12
Rep. Kenny Marchant CD 24
Rep. Michael McCaul CD 10
Rep. Ron Paul CD 14

Civil Justice Reform Groups

Texas Civil Justice League PAC  
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC  

Business/Civic Associations

Houston Realty Business Coalition PAC  
TEXPAC - The Texas Medical Association  
Texas Oil and Gas PAC  
The "C" Club of Texas  
Texas Association of Realtors PAC  
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND  
Texas Property Rights Association  
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association PAC  
Houston Realty Business Coalition PAC  
Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council – TACC-PAC  
Texas Apartment Association PAC  
AGFUND – Texas Farm Bureau Friends of Agriculture Fund  
Texas Restaurant Association PAC  
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers PAC  

State Republican Executive Committee

Brenda Patterson SD1
John Cook SD2
David Bellow SD3
Dianne Caron SD3
Michael Truncale SD4
Hal Talton SD5
Glenda Bowles SD6
Rex Teter SD6
Clint Moore SD7
Valoree Swanson SD7
Candy Noble SD8
Jane Burch SD9
Thomas Washington SD9
Jim Borchert SD10
Leslie Recine SD10
Sheryl Berg SD11
Jean McIver SD12
Bonnie Lugo SD13
Davida Stike SD14
Don Zimmerman SD14
Josh Flynn SD15
Daniel Pickens SD16
Tina Gibson SD17
Bruce Campbell SD17
Becky Berger SD18
Ben Zeller SD18
James Barnes SD19
Gayla Gabro Miller SD19
Bob Jones SD20
Eric Opiela SD21
Amy Clark SD21
Jimmie Kerr SD22
Janet Jackson SD22
Michael Flusche SD23
Johnnie Rogers SD24
Jan Koehne SD25
Weston Martinez SD25
Johnny Lovejoy SD26
Marian Stanko SD26
Norma Tovar SD27
Russ Duerstine SD28
Jane Cansino SD28
Rena Peden SD30
Jason Moore SD31

Endorsements Continued

* 2012 Primary election

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